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Cartila® joint food for joint problems

Cartila® joint nutrition for joint problems

Joint problem and joint arthrosis are widespread complaints. Frequently, painkillers are taken for the symptoms. Painkillers only attack the symptoms but not the causes. To combat the causes, pure collagen hydrolyzate is often recommended.

The Cartila ® Joint Formula goes beyond that, as we have put together an optimal mix of collagen hydrolyzate and gelatin, with which many times better experiences than with the conventional monoproducts.

Gelatine for Joint Discomfort

The abbess and curative Hildegard von Bingen recommended gelatine as early as 1175 for joint complaints. In the past, broth was used for ingestion, so gelatine is available today as raw material.

Collagen hydrolyzate is obtained by splitting the gelatin. Protein-degrading enzymes are used for this purpose and a cold water-soluble powder is produced. Since the proteins are already digested in the hydrolyzate, the powder can be metabolized well.

Gelatin versus collagen hydrolyzate

Scientific studies have demonstrated the stimulation of cartilage formation by collagen hydrolyzate. An optimized formula from both raw materials has been able to achieve even better results with Cartila® joint nutrition than with its mono-use. Another positive effect of the Cartila ® Joint Formula results in skin, hair and nails and the organism is stimulated for increased collagen self-production.

When and how much Cartila ® joint food to take

At normal body weight, 10 grams of Cartila® are the normal daily dose. Optimally, the intake in the morning on an empty stomach. There are various flavors available, so (this is especially important for diabetics) the intake can be done easily with water and the nutritional values ​​are not falsified by fruit juices and other recommendations.

To achieve a noticeable relief of the discomfort, long-term use of Cartila® is urgently required. The minimum time should be 30 days, significantly better results are achieved in 60 to 90 days. Our experienced customers make - depending on the complaints - one to two cures a year and have achieved the best results.

Are there side effects?

Cartila® joint food is not a medicine but is one of the foods. It is - especially when Cartila® is dissolved in water - no side effects expected and the product is suitable for diabetics.

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