Original Cartila® Gelenk-Nahrung (Joint Food)

Already in the 90s, the term "Gelenk-Nahrung" ("joint food") was coined by the thought leaders of today's Cartila joint products. Often the product and name were copied, but none has reached the quality of the original.

Cartila® Gelenk-Nahrung (Joint Food)

The first product of the Cartila® joint series with the special Formula. Today as then unequaled in relation of effectiveness and price. Available in many different flavors

Cartila® Gelenk-Drink (Joint Drink)

High quality CH supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin and practically in the ampoule. Easy to dose and available at any time without effort.

Cartila® Gelenk-Elixier (Joint Elixir)

40-days-cure mixed in the bottle and light with the lid dosed. Complemented with vitamins for vitamin C and vitamin B3.

Cartila® Gelenk-Balsam (Joint Lotion)

Especially for acute joint problems quickly used and pleasantly warming. If you do not know this joint lotion, you should definitely try it.


The plus for your joints!

Successful for over 20 years!
The original Gelenk-Nahrung was developed in Germany in the late 80s and has been successful ever since.
Made in Germany
All Cartila® products are developed in Germany and manufactured to the highest production standards.
Proven Quality
All Cartila® products and raw materials are subject to strict quality control.
Different Flavors
Original Cartila® Gelenk-Nahrung is available in 8 different flavors.
Joint Liquids
In ampoule or bottle - optimally mixed and ready for consumption - it does not get any more convenient.
MSM Tablets
Methylsulfonylmethane as organic sulfur compound and supplemented with bio-vital substances
Joint Lotion
Skin friendly and yet so effective. A lotion as a useful supplement to the oral products.
Worldwide Distribution
Starting from Germany, the Cartila® product series has meanwhile established itself in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and now also the Mena region.
Specially Certified
Cartila® Spezial was certified for region-specific distribution "extra pork-free" and "alcohol-free".

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Cartila® Gelenk-Nahrung

The classic joint food has been around since the end of the 80s. The product has been continually improved over the years and more effective raw materials have been used.

Cartila® Gelenk-Nahrung

Cartila® Gelenk-Nahrung Spezial

Gelenk-Nahrung Spezial is ultimately based on the original joint formula. But the products and all raw materials were once again separately certified 'Pork-Free' and 'Alcohol-Free'.

Cartila® Gelenk-Nahrung Spezial

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